August 28, 2002


Iraq Speech by Cheney Is Criticized by Schroder (STEVEN ERLANGER, August 28, 2002, NY Times)
Chancellor Gerhard Schroder of Germany has criticized the speech on Monday by Vice President Dick Cheney, saying that it signals a mistaken shift in American aims regarding Iraq.

In an interview broadcast tonight on RTL television, Mr. Schroder said the goal of the Bush administration no longer seems to be to persuade Iraq to allow unconditional arms inspections by United Nations experts. Instead, he said, the American goal seems to be to remove Mr. Hussein by military means regardless of whether inspections occur, which he says will undermine the chance of getting Iraq to allow the inspections.

"If the aim changes now, then it's one's own responsibility," Mr. Schroder said. "If somebody is to be removed with the aid of a military intervention, you can hardly convince him to let inspectors into his country. It's the change of aim that is the mistake."

The insipidities of the German Chancellor, fresh from his unilateral attack on freedom fighters who'd seized Iraqi soil, remind one of Winston Churchill's assessment of the Germans : The Hun--he's always either at your feet or at your throat. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 28, 2002 10:02 AM
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