August 3, 2002


Saddam Likely to Fall in Attack (SALAH NASRAWI, Aug 3, 2002, Associated Press)
For all Iraq's bluster in the face of the possibility Washington will use military means to oust President Saddam Hussein, his regime would collapse under a U.S. onslaught, military experts in the region say.

Retired Gen. Salah Halaby, Egypt's former chief of staff, told The Associated Press in an interview that the Iraqi army is too weak and demoralized after the 1991 Gulf War and years of doing without new weapons "to be a serious match to the U.S troops and their smart weapons."

"The Iraqi army has no chance whatsoever to stand steadfast and will fall like a sandcastle," said Halaby, who commanded Egyptian forces in the U.S.-led international coalition that drove Iraq out of Kuwait in 1991. [...]

Halaby said that he believes Iraq's military would take a U.S. attack as an opportunity to turn on Saddam, who led Iraq into Kuwait and may be blamed by his men for the bitter defeat that followed.

"I have no doubt that once the Iraqi army has the opportunity to pounce on Saddam, it will do it without any hesitation, because this army has been humiliated in the Gulf War and it wants to revenge its honor," Halaby said.

If things are as bad as they believe, it seems like containment and some prodding, along with a periodic cruise missile assault, would suffice to remove him. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 3, 2002 3:57 PM
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