August 17, 2002


Junior Gets a Spanking (Maureen Dowd, 8/18/02, NY Times)
Oedipus, Shmoedipus.

Why cite a Greek hero when we can cite the president's favorite British hero?

In "Goldmember," Austin Powers has "Earn Daddy's Respect" on his To Do list. So the teary but still groovy spy confronts his prodigal father, played by Michael Caine.

"Got an issue?" Daddy breezily responds. "Here's a tissue."

Tissue issues between the two Bush presidents spilled into public view on Thursday when that most faithful family retainer, Brent Scowcroft, wrote a jaw-dropping op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal headlined "Don't Attack Saddam."

Mr. Scowcroft gave the back of his hand to conservatives' strenuous attempts to link Saddam to 9/11.

Bellicose Bushies have yet to offer a sustained and persuasive rationale for jumping Saddam, beyond yammering about how "evil" he is, as if he had a monopoly on that.

First of all, let me just say this again--following upon her series of essays on what good shape George W. Bush is in physically--how "buff" he is--Ms Dowd, who characterizes herself as sitting around gorging on junk food and watching George W. workout videos when she writes about the man, here offers an essay in which she imagines him being spanked. It's getting to the point where the psycho-sexual drama that throbs through her head is consuming more and more of Ms Dowd's column inches and makes one wonder if her musings might be better suited to the Village Voice than to the Gray Lady.
Posted by Orrin Judd at August 17, 2002 11:56 PM
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