August 12, 2002


CHARLIE'S SONG (Bob McManus, 8/11/02, NY Post)
There stood Charlie Daniels at 48th Street and Sixth Avenue Friday night, a man with a message.

A message that needs hearing.

Charlie's a country fiddler, mostly, and up on stage he looks the part: A great shaggy bear of a fellow with his cowboy hat and intricately engraved, hugely oversized belt buckle.

Regarding 9/11, the first anniversary of which looms, Charlie Daniels gets it.

This speaks to why he was at 48th and 6th Friday, outside the headquarters of Fox News Channel, performing his current hit - the proudly patriotic, overtly political "The Last Fallen Hero."

The Last Fallen Hero
Oh the cowards came by morning and attacked without a warning
Leaving flames and death and chaos in our streets
In the middle of this fiery hell brave heroes fell
Posted by Orrin Judd at August 12, 2002 9:25 PM
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