August 28, 2002


The Baseball Strike for Dummies (GREG COUCH, August 28, 2002, Chicago Sun Times)
So you haven't been paying attention. Not really. Not to all those tedious details about sliding scales and straight pools and luxury taxes. You know baseball players might go on strike Friday, and likely will have their chauffeurs walk the picket line.

Players are averaging $2.4 million a year. Why walk? Owners say the salaries are so high they can't afford them. Why keep offering them?

If this isn't resolved soon, then everyone around the fax machines, water coolers, smoking areas will be griping and you're going to have to keep quiet. So here's a quick look at the basics of this dispute.

Kill the current major leagues and start over with the guys in the minors. The game will be fine in ten years and only a select group of us will still care. It'll be like a cult for us Omega Men. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 28, 2002 10:11 PM
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