August 28, 2002


Who's more miserable - the far right or the far left? (James Lileks, Rants)
Who's more miserable - the far right or the far left? The former is likely to wash its hands of the modern world, lament how things have gone to hell since the Brits stopped shoving civilization down the ululating maws of Wogland, and announce that you're all welcome to your polyglot mishmash - I'll be over here getting smashed on port and reading Patrick O'Brien novels. But at least they seem dedicated to enjoying life on their own terms; if they're cultural conservatives, they retire to their version of Heston's apartment in "The Omega Man," surrounded by the remnants of Western glory, keeping to themselves, and venting their spleen now and then by burping off a few rounds at the moaning zombies outside in the darkened park.

We almost never link to James Lileks (or InstaPundit or Andrew Sullivan for that matter) because one assumes that anybody who'd bother reading us will have already visited them--we're well aware of our lowly place in the Great Chain of Being. But Drew Craft forwarded this and took such undisguised, and well-justified, glee in the image of cultural conservatives as resembling The Omega Man that we can't resist. This was one of the Brothers' favorite movies when we were kids, shown on WWOR Channel 9 with sufficient frequency to earn cult classic status for most kids who grew up in the Tri-State area, and we accept the comparison with no little pride.
Posted by Orrin Judd at August 28, 2002 4:30 PM
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