August 24, 2002


Treadmills of His Mind (Maureen Dowd, 08/25/2002, The New York Times )
I don't know enough about what the president is up to on Iraq. But I know too much about what the president is up to on a run.

"It's interesting that my times have become faster right after the war began," Mr. Bush tells Runner's World in an exclusive interview. "They were pretty fast all along, but since the war began I've been running with a little more intensity. It helps me to clear my mind."

So the bad news is: we haven't caught Osama. The good news is: W.'s times have improved.

"Usually I run six days a week," the magazine's leggy cover boy expounds.

Ms Dowd's obsession with W's fitness is becoming truly frightening and it's rather unprofessional. Imagine for a moment that William Safire began mentioning in his column how attractive a female politician looked and did so over and over again. Would the Times really stand for such a thing? You can see the Safire column now : "As I sit in my office, eating Chubby Hubby, and watching a continuous loop tape of Benzhir Bhutto, I'm struck both by what a bad leader of Pakistan she'd make and by how shapely her body is." How many such mentions of her physique before he was called into Howell Raines's office. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 24, 2002 7:45 PM
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