August 13, 2002


Thailand's musical elephants (Phil Mercer, 13 August, 2002, BBC)
Phong is one of Thailand's exceptional young musicians.

At the age of four, he plays the renat - a xylophone-like Thai instrument - and his paintings have sold to visitors from around the world.

A remarkable achievement, especially considering Phong is an elephant, living at a conservation centre near the northern Thai town of Lampang. [...]

The animals' keepers - or mahouts - said they love their music.

But for many foreign visitors, such as Matt and Becky from London, this heavyweight orchestra can be a bewildering experience.

"It was very good, very good," said Matt. "But totally bizarre, yeah. It was probably the maddest thing I've ever seen."

"It was very strange. The elephants were all banging away. It's probably the worst music I've ever heard but it was done by elephants so it was really
lovely," added Becky.

Now that's what you call qualified praise. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 13, 2002 9:04 AM
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