August 13, 2002


Beware the Neocons (David Harsanyi, August 13, 2002,
As war with Iraq becomes an inescapable reality, a "peace-loving" contingent of pundits have momentarily transferred their assault from the phantom Religious Right to a new, more sinister group, calling themselves neoconservatives.

Forget 50 years of neoconservative political, social and economic thought; forget Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz and Nathan Glazer; forget Ronald Reagan whose neocon-influenced foreign policy won the Cold War. From now on, just think of them as warmongers. Stereotyping can be a complicated business, but anti-war pundits have mastered its intricacies, distilling intellectual movements into trouble-free critique: neoconservatives are duplicitous right wingers, prodding the United States towards war to a.) advance our colonial gains b.) facilitate the racist Israeli government's subjugation of defenseless Arabs and c.) wag the dog for oil fetishists George Bush and Richard Cheney.

Joseph Sobran has described neocons as "former liberals, mostly pro-Israel and anti-Communist Jewish intellectuals."

Ann Coulter had a good line on Booknotes the other night when she asked why we always read about this scary "Religious Right" but there are no similar stories about the "Atheist Left". One of the delightful things though about necons replacing the Religious Right as targets of liberal wrath is that one of the leading lights of neoconservatism, Norman Podhoretz himself, wrote a book, My Love Affair With America : The Cautionary Tale of a Cheerful Conservative, that is basically a self-congratulatory piece about how he single-handedly saved conservatism from the "anti-American" Religious Right. Even the subtitle is intended as a dig at conservatives who belief that the decline of morality in America is cause for despair.
Posted by Orrin Judd at August 13, 2002 2:54 PM
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