August 7, 2002


ABC News' Cokie Roberts being treated for breast cancer (Associated Press, 8/06/02)
Cokie Roberts says she is being treated for breast cancer that was detected in the early stages and that she does not expect any major
disruption in her work schedule at ABC News.

A sister of Roberts, Barbara Sigmund, a former mayor of Princeton, N.J., died of cancer in 1990.

We're very sorry to hear about Mrs. Roberts and wish her well. One would hope that she can manage to confront this disease with the same spirit that her sister faced her own cancer. As it happens, I met Barbara Boggs Sigmund several times in 1985 when working for Peter Shapiro, the Democrat candidate for governor of NJ. Here's a brief bit from a tribute to her : Mayor Barbara (Lauren M. Black, The Trentonian)
In March 1982, just after announcing she would run in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, Sigmund entered a hospital to have her left eye removed
following a diagnosis of cancer.

Hours after the operation, Sigmund showed up for a campaign fund-raiser wearing a flattering red silk dress and a matching heart-shaped eye patch. She stood before the crowd, smiling broadly and drawled: "You all are a sight for a sore eye.''

She was exactly that lively and funny every time we did an event with her and she always wore an eyepatch that matched her dress. One event we didn't make it, but that I heard about, was a birthday party for Princeton's parking meters, which are apparently some of the oldest in the country and make the town a ton of money. She dressed them up in those little pointy birthday caps and the whole nine yards.
Posted by Orrin Judd at August 7, 2002 8:21 PM
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