August 14, 2002


We got an email from Joseph Alexander Norland at Dawson Speaks asking if we'd let readers know about the following petition :
We, the undersigned, petition the Government of the United States to form an independant commission of inquiry to determine how the United Nations has violated its Mandate, abused its power and resources, engaged in racism and anti-Jewish acts, and supported Islamic terrorism against the free world. We would also like this commission to determine if and how this organization can be rectified, and if such an organization in its present state deserves to exist at the American taxpayer's expense.

Since we think the U.N. should be thrown out of the U.S., we're down with that. If you agree with the petition go check out what Mr. Norland has to say. Posted by Orrin Judd at August 14, 2002 9:51 PM
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