June 5, 2002


Ralph Nader tells government buyers to use Linux, release Microsoft source code (Scott McCollum , June 5, 2002, WorldTechTribune)
Ralph Nader, the self- styled consumer advocate, multi-millionaire champagne socialist and Green Party presidential candidate that stole votes away from Democrat Al Gore, blasted the Bush Administration for supporting the “Microsoft monopoly” because Federal workers use Microsoft Office products.

Most Federal Government computer and software purchases were made in 1998-1999 during the second term of the Clinton Administration.

Nader, whose letter to the Office of Management and Budget, pressured the Bush Administration to require Microsoft to make its proprietary formats work smoothly with products from Apple, IBM and other rivals. This demand will probably be easy for the Bush Administration to meet since Microsoft Windows, Office and hundreds of their software products already run smoothly on Apple and/or IBM products. Nader’s major demand in the letter to the OMB was that the Bush Administration purchases the rights to Microsoft’s software and releases it into the public domain. Once in the public domain, the Microsoft code would be swallowed into the Linux software code, a free Unix-like operating system cobbled together over a period of ten years by students, hackers and other computer hobbyists.

I'm not sure why he wants the Feds to buy the rights--seems like a certain windfall for Microsoft shareholders--but this seems like an appropriate remedy for Microsoft's years of monopolistic and anticapitalist crimes. Posted by Orrin Judd at June 5, 2002 2:16 PM
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