May 23, 2002


Untimely Warnings (, May 23, 2002)
PRESIDENT BUSH and his administration have to battle both terrorism and complacency. Ever since Sept. 11 it's been a difficult balancing act, encouraging Americans to carry on with life while underscoring the serious and lasting nature of the threat. The more time passes without another attack, the harder the balancing act. Mr. Bush handled the initial challenge with grace; but the Cassandra chorus sounded by administration officials this week has served the cause less well.

Episodes like this one always make me wonder how anyone can not be a conservative. Last week, the media and Democrats solemnly declared that had we but known what the administration knew on September 10th, the events of 9-11 might have been avoided. The administration responded by dumping out everything they know in public so that when the next strike hits folks would not be able to make the same specious claim. So now, having gotten what they demanded, and even though no one can any longer say that such warnings are merely alarmist (since we obviously are a target of terrorism), these same critics are complaining about the alarms being sounded.

Adding to the hilarity, most of these same carpers are the folks who continually tell us that we should abandon the war on drugs because it's unwinnable. But now they protest FBI Director Robert Mueller's declaration that there is no way we can prevent all future attacks. This, we are told, is an unacceptable form of defeatism. Can someone explain why it is harder to smuggle a bomb into an American city thanit is several bales of dope? or why these people think we'll never stop the traffic in bags of one white powdery substance (cocaine) but should be able to completely halt the flow of another (Anthrax)?

To be a conservative is to believe that life is a comedy and, comfortingly, our fellow men prove us right every time they open their mouths.

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 23, 2002 12:47 PM
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