May 25, 2002


Conservatives keep winning, but not for long (Robert Kuttner, 5/22/2002, Boston Globe)
My message is that conservatives have won most of the great battles of the past two decades but are now in danger of succumbing to hubris. They are overreaching, to their likely downfall. [...]

A major backlash is brewing against corporate excess. Ordinary Americans, in a national security emergency, resent corporations ripping off pensioners, moving to tax havens, defrauding investors, soaking ratepayers. It would not take all that much reform to rein in the excesses, but the supremely confident Bush administration is rejecting modest reform.

Or take ''compassionate conservatism,'' the Bush administration's signature philosophy. Study the details and it's a complete fake.

Here, too, it wouldn't take much to combine welfare reform with decent child care, but the administration refuses. And so, despite the Bush slogan, millions of children will in fact be ''left behind.'' Nor would it take much to provide seniors with decent drug coverage, but the administration has already spent the money repealing the estate tax. It would take only $8 billion a year to adequately staff every nursing home, but the White House is determined to slash Medicaid and Medicare.

Talk about not getting it....Mr. Kuttner thinks that conservatives have won, but are in danger of losing. But a country where parents don't look after their children and adults don't look after their elderly parents, leaving these duties instead to government, is not at all conservative. Posted by Orrin Judd at May 25, 2002 7:48 PM
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