May 13, 2002


Disparate Mediums, Familiar Messages (RICHARD L. BERKE, May 12, 2002, NY Times)
Democratic pollsters have been busy, scrutinizing the whims of voters and presiding over focus groups. And by and large, they've been coming to the same conclusion: Democratic voters don't want to criticize the war on terror, but they have bones to pick with the Bush White House on bread-and-butter issues. That advice is having an intriguing effect: when it comes time to deliver speeches, the candidates often seem to be speaking from exactly the same playbook. Sometimes, they use identical language.

The biggest differences are not in content, but in how the speeches are written and what emphasis they give to one topic or another. Democrats all criticize the Bush tax cut, but they do not dare call for its repeal. They try to reclaim the education issue from Republicans. And they remind audiences that Mr. Bush's considered lowering arsenic standards in water.

The Democrats issues in 2004 : one they won't undo (tax cuts); one they acknowledge they've lost (education); and one he didn't do (lower arsenic levels).

These are the reasons you should vote for them?

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 13, 2002 1:07 PM
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