May 3, 2002


Supreme Court Calendar (Christopher Buckley, 05.13.02, Forbes FYI)
The Court struck down, 7-2, a controversial Connecticut state constitutional amendment granting full civil rights to raccoons. In a sharp dissent, Justice Stevens, a moderate liberal, suggested that Justice Scalia "was on drugs" when he wrote the majority opinion. "The Founders," Stevens warned, "purposely left vague whether raccoons, regardless of the fact that they carry rabies and upset garbage cans in the middle of the night, are second-class citizens." Furthermore, he wrote, "this will, and should, inspire fear among Connecticut's porcupines, whose civil liberties have already suffered irreparable harm at the hands of juridical Blackshirts." Supreme Court guards separated the two justices, and a brief recess was called.

If we are going to go ahead and clone, let's clone the Buckleys. (Or at least William F. Jr. and Christopher) Posted by Orrin Judd at May 3, 2002 7:00 AM
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