May 2, 2002


Lieberman Has One Eye on '04, Other on Gore (RICHARD L. BERKE, May 2, 2002, NY Times)
Some Democrats cannot see a clear path to the nomination for Mr. Lieberman regardless of Mr. Gore's decision. As a distinctly moderate candidate, they argue, he would have difficulty winning over liberals, who vote heavily in Democratic primaries.

This story ignores what would be one of the greatest problems facing Mr. Lieberman, not that he is too moderate for liberal voters, after all he shucked all his non-Leftist opinions easily enough when he ran with Gore, but that he is too Jewish for black voters. In fact, it must be a GOP dream to have both Mr. Lieberman and Al Sharpton run in the '04 primaries, because it would widen the already gaping schism between two of the core groups of the Democrat Party. This could well hasten the already evident drift of Jews toward the Republican Party. Posted by Orrin Judd at May 2, 2002 7:37 AM
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