May 28, 2002


America's enemies (Daily Telegraph, 28/05/2002)
President Bush's commitment to overthrowing Saddam Hussein and other rogue regimes remains as strong as ever--but his vision is being occluded by bureaucratic infighting over the methods to achieve it.

In the six months since the Taliban regime in Afghanistan fell in December, and the enunciation of the "axis of evil" in the State of the Union address in January, little visible progress has been made. The sense of lost momentum culminated in recent reports that the American military wants to delay action against Iraq until at least next year.

Whatever the accuracy of the reports, it is significant that somebody in Washington thought it worth their while to leak this on the eve of the Commander-in-Chief's visit to Europe.

Of course the significance of the leak is most likely an attempt by people who are losing the debate to try to make it look like they are winning or by the president's folks to take some heat off him during his European trip. The least likely reason for the leak is that it is the truth. Posted by Orrin Judd at May 28, 2002 8:21 AM
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