May 24, 2002


'Yahoo' plate completes University of Redlands fight song set (Associated Press, May 23, 2002)
After more than a decade, the University of Redlands has the "yahoo" to go with its "gazump."

Two license plates were delivered Thursday bearing the last word in the first part of a school fight song that runs: "Och tamale gazolly gazump deyump deyatty yahoo."

John Martin, 85, of Arcadia, presented his "YAHOO" plates to Dean of Students Char Burgess and they were bolted onto her Buick Regal.

Students were on hand to chant the "Och Tamale," as it is now called. Originally known as the "Psalm of Collegiate Thanksgiving," the nonsense rhyme was penned in 1920 by a student of the private liberal arts college.

Boy, after the vacuity of the 1920s, maybe America deserved the Depression. Oops...sound like Jerry Falwell, huh? Posted by Orrin Judd at May 24, 2002 9:06 AM
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