May 16, 2002


A Wider Atlantic: Europe Sees a Grotesque U.S. (TODD S. PURDUM, May 16, 2002, NY Times)
A Russian reporter asked Secretary Powell why the United States had "finally agreed" to the arms control treaty, "because, as we know, you don't like treaties."

Secretary Powell, who for months has found himself the frontline defender of American foreign policy to often-skeptical allies, suppressed a smile and insisted: "We do like this treaty."

Lost somehow in all the coverage of the latest arms control treaty is that it was a product of unilateralism. Then candidate Bush announced during the campaign that he was going to cut our missile force regardless of whether the Russians agreed. Of course Russia can't afford to maintain its weapons, which probably don't even work in the first place, so they had great incentive to go along and none to resist. When Secretary Powell said "we do like this treaty" he could have honestly added that we basically negotiated it with ourselves. What's not to like? Posted by Orrin Judd at May 16, 2002 7:57 AM
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