May 17, 2002


a broader view than Judd (Charles Dodgson, May 17, 2002, Through the Looking Glass)

Mr. Dodgson makes a much better go of it in his second attempt to understand George W. Bush. He's at least abandoned his rather odd prior position that Mr. Bush's business career had no effect on the management style he's developed. But, still eschewing any real analysis of that experience, he's now derived what is apparently the real key to the Bush style :

His positions are not earned; they are arranged. Wherever young Dubya wound up, whatever trouble he was in, there was always someone ready to make the deal, to do the favor, to pick up the check, to bail him out. None of his achievements are really his own.

In this scenario--it gets awfully complicated and contradictory but, if we take the red pill, I think we can follow it--George W. Bush is a tool of his father, of oil interests, of some kind of baseball ownership cabal, of Karl Rove and Karen Hughes, of war-mongering old Nixon henchmen, of closet peaceniks like Colin Powell, and, finally, of Crown Prince Abdullah and the Arabs. He left out the Elders of Zion, the Illuminati, and the Rosicrucians, but they too must be in there somewhere. All of these folks have conspired together to give us a Bush government of which Mr. Dodgson says :
The bottom line, as the Bull Moose has noted, is a presidency that serves its own stated agenda --- fiscal restraint, welfare reform, free trade, keeping government out of the market --- far less than Bill Clinton's did. And, fans of fiscal restraint, note that Clinton's point man on cost reductions, a guy with eight years experience in the nuts and bolts of restructuring government programs to improve efficiency and reduce waste, was running for President --- and instead, you voted for Bush. Congratulations.

The reader will be forgiven at this point for wondering why this shadowy conspiracy, which seems to be united only by an interest in commerce, would want to expand government, cripple free trade, wreck welfare reform, and foster government regulation. But the ways of these folks, like those of the Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu, are often inscrutable and we can't always expect their reasons for doing things to make sense to us. After all, we still don't really know why they killed Kennedy and covered up the UFO landings at Roswell, so maybe we just shouldn't expect to penetrate to the core of their current machinations in Washington.

For us the frightening thing should be that the American people are proving themselves willing dupes...again. It's terribly galling to know that we can all see through this scheme so easily, at least when Mr. Dodgson shares with us his parallax view, but that those common fools continue to give the guy popularity ratings in the 60%-70% range. Our only consolation must be that in 2004 George W. Bush will face the righteous wrath of the Democratic Party and a heroic nominee like Tom Daschle, who will cut him down to size. Until then, comrades, be strong, and watch the skies. We shall not be crucified on their cross of gold! The truth is out there and the truth will out!

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 17, 2002 4:23 PM
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