May 6, 2002


Boxers, Briefs, Mochas (MAUREEN DOWD, May 5, 2002, NY Times)
Perhaps the man who reshaped presidential campaigns when he answered the boxers-or-briefs question on MTV and played saxophone on Arsenio Hall should return to his roots. Let Bill be Bill - on cable.

A passel of washed-up celebrities are vying to be the next Ozzy Osbourne - reports say Ozzy has been offered $20 million by MTV to continue letting cameras record him puttering, coloring and scratching.

Mr. Clinton may not have any tattoos and his brain is intact, but the spectacle of Bill 24/7 would certainly be entertaining for us, and gratifying for him, giving him all the attention and love he craves.
You want to know why conservatives hate modern "culture"? Here we have Hollywood and the punditicracy, who told us that we couldn't remove Bill Clinton from the American presidency, turning around and telling us that he's not worthy of joining their exalted ranks.

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 6, 2002 12:04 PM
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