May 3, 2002


An expanded NATO is needed as a counterweight to the UN and the EU (Jack Kelly, May 3, 2002, Jewish World Review)
...I've become convinced that an expanded NATO is needed as a counterweight to the UN and the EU. There must be at least one international organization that stands for liberty, democracy and human rights.

I've been chary of NAFTA, because I don't share the view of most pundits that it is good for the U.S. economy to export American jobs. But an expanded NAFTA may be the best way to keep the EU from becoming an ugly monster.

The European Union began with two very good ideas: a free trade area within Europe, and cooperation for the common defense. It went on to a questionable idea, a single currency. But the ultimate vision of the sclerotic socialists who run the EU's vast bureaucracy is to create a European super-state that would oppose American "hyper-power."

Britain and Ireland are geographically close to continental Europe, but are much closer to us in values. Liberty, democracy and human rights are recent transplants to the
European continent, and have only shallow roots there. What we call "Western" values are really Anglo-American values.

NAFTA should be rechristened the North ATLANTIC Free Trade Association, and Britain and Ireland invited to join. Britain and Ireland could join a larger, faster-growing economic union, and could do so without giving up their currency, or large chunks of their sovereignty.

Mr. Kelly is on the right track, but his vision is too crabbed. America should bail out of NATO and instead unilaterally offer free trade and defense agreements to the world's most important democracies : Israel, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, and all of the nations of the Western Hemisphere, plus a few other countries that may fit the same bill. The distinctive features of these countries are twofold : (1) that they surround, and are threatened by, either China or the Islamic world; and/or, (2) they generally share our Western democratic values, our British heritage, our Judeo-Christian roots, or all of the above.

NATO was fine when we were most worried about the USSR attacking to the West or about the Germans attacking the French again, but Europe is no longer really an ally and may soon be an enemy (see below), so there's no reason to protect Europeans any more. The New World Order finds us (the liberal democratic protestant West) arrayed against Chinese Communism and the Islamic World. Our enemies having changed, our allies should change accordingly.

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 3, 2002 12:55 PM
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