May 5, 2002


May Allah Curse All Americans: Never Say Amen. : Supplications are directed against the oppressors among non-Muslims (Lamya Tawfiq, 5/05/02, Islam Online)
“O Allah, perish America, Christians and all their allies! O Allah, destroy their homes, widow their women and make their children orphans! O Allah, destroy all the Jews and Christians!” Such supplication should never be construed as seeking the demolition of non-Muslims entirely, Muslim scholars told IslamOnline.

In response to a question by a visitor regarding supplications against non-Muslims during prayers, the scholars said that when imams do supplicate it is directed against the oppressors among non-Muslims and aims at those who launch war against Muslims and against humanity.

“When people invoke Allah’s Wrath on any non-Muslim country, like the U.S. or Israel, this is merely an outburst of anger filling their minds towards inhuman acts or schemes of oppressions orchestrated by both two countries against innocent people.

“Regarding this, it is to be stated that every occasion dictates a special way of behaving. At times of peace, it is better to supplicate Allah to guide disbelievers.

But at wartime, the reality dictates supplicating Allah to grant Muslims victory over warring disbelievers, just as they themselves would normally do, seeking victory in the war they launch on Muslims. This is the normal course of war,” the scholars said.

The curses, they said, are normally directed to the acts and their perpetrators, not to innocent people who have no hand in such crimes.

Hey "scholars", guess what? We're democracies, so all our hands are dirty. When you pray against the least of us you pray against all of us. Yet, oddly enough, we (Jews and Christians) pray for you and your poor misguided souls. Maybe there's a lesson in that, huh? Posted by Orrin Judd at May 5, 2002 2:15 PM
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