May 27, 2002


Germany's liberal party flirts with the far right : Free Democrats accused of pandering to anti-semitic voters (John Hooper, May 28, 2002, The Guardian)
The Austrian far-rightist J0rg Haider extended an endorsement to the leadership of Germany's august liberal party yesterday amid claims that it is being hijacked by anti-semitic populists in the run-up to September's general election.

His congratulations will be viewed with profound concern by those, such as the German chancellor, Gerhard Schroder, who have warned that recent successes by anti-immigrant politicians could tempt moderate conservatives to veer to the right.

Jurgen Mollemann, the deputy leader of Germany's traditionally middle of the road Free Democrat party (FDP), had welcomed advances by those such as Mr Haider in Austria and Pim Fortuyn's party in the Netherlands as representing "the emancipation of the democrats".

In an article published yesterday, Mr Mollemann said: "Historians will later write that the start of the third millennium saw a wave of awakening self-confidence among the people of the nations and states of Europe".

Religious historians sometimes contend that America is now in the midst of its third great religious awakening.

In Europe, they seem to be headed towards their Fourth Reich.

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 27, 2002 10:48 PM
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