May 31, 2002


Lieberman Alters His Values Script (DAVID LIGHTMAN, May 31, 2002, CT Now)
Apollonia Kotero's recent films include "Anarchy TV," which features a group of teens taking over a TV station and broadcasting in the nude.

It's just the kind of thing Joseph I. Lieberman has been railing against for years. Yet there was Kotero - aka "Hot Tub Woman" in the film - at a swank Beverly Hills fund-raiser featuring the Connecticut Democrat, and praising him.

She acknowledged that his strong blasts at movie industry excesses once worried her.

Referring to Lieberman's criticisms of her industry, Kotero said that she "had been concerned all the talk could lead to censorship and labeling of movies, but now I think this dialogue is important."

But there was no such dialogue when the senator visited movieland this week. Lieberman, who badly needs California's money and voters for his 2004 presidential bid, was unusually silent on the subject of Hollywood excesses.

Instead, he had nothing but praise for the entertainment business. He told the 40 people gathered in the living room of a party loyalist that he was among "stars I admire," including, perhaps, "Hot Tub Woman," clad in a cleavage-revealing blouse.

"It's a big deal for me," Lieberman said, "coming out here."

What does it say about the Democrats that in order to be the Party's presidential nominee you have to jettison all talk of morality and cater to the likes of "Hot Tub Woman" ? Posted by Orrin Judd at May 31, 2002 8:56 PM
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