March 30, 2002


At least 10 killed as Muslim militants storm Hindu temple in Kashmir (March 30, 2002, Yahoo! News)
Four civilians were among 10 people killed when heavily-armed Muslim guerrillas stormed into a revered Hindu temple packed with worshippers in Indian Kashmir, officials said.

America, Israel, Turkey and India (perhaps even Russia) are already being forged, almost unwillingly, into an anti-Arab/anti-Islamic military alliance. Yet how does the Islamic world react? By blowing up and shooting Israeli and Indian civilians. It's almost as if the Jews trapped at Masada had decided to attack the Romans. It's starting to seem like the Arabs not only have a death wish, but can't die fast enough, so they're intentionally provoking us into killing them.

Tom Rose of the Jerusalem Post was on Imus in the Morning yesterday and said that Israeli intelligence estimates that it takes about 70 people to execute a suicide bombing. That means that 70 Palestinians, including her family, helped send that 16 year old girl to her death yesterday. If they are hell bent on killing us, how long can we in the West afford to place a higher premium on Arab lives than they do?

There's a great scene in To Kill a Mockingbird (one among many in this outstanding film), where a rabid dog shows up on the Finch family's street. Scout and Jem run for the housekeeper, Calpurnia, and she summons Atticus, who arrives shortly, Sheriff Heck Tate in tow. The bloodthirsty kids watch eagerly, anticipating that Tate will shoot the dog, but to their bewilderment he asks Atticus to do it. Atticus, who in their eyes is a sort of effete intellectual, turns out to have been the best shot in the county, though he dislikes hunting. Atticus puts the dog down as his children stare at him, mouths agape, a newfound awe and respect evident in their adoring eyes. Humbly, Atticus hands back the gun and heads back to work, an unpleasant duty done.

The situation between the West and Islam increasingly reminds me of this scene. The aged West has grown rather effete and prefers to avoid ideological confrontation. But the Islamic world seems to be in the grip of a disease, a murderous/suicidal mental derangement that makes it surpassing dangerous. Sooner or later, when no other choices remain, we too may be forced to put them down, to defend ourselves and our families, no matter how unpleasant the task, to demonstrate once again the potent and efficient but humble lethality that we possess, though we try very hard not to use. And yet the rabid dog keeps staggering down the street towards us...


Posted by Orrin Judd at March 30, 2002 10:00 AM
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