March 27, 2002


Indian forces to train in Alaska (Shyam Bhatia, March 28, 2002, Deccan Herald)
Joe Cirincione of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC commented, "There are several levels on this. The level of co-operation is certainly solid evidence of the change in the relationship. The US only conducts these kinds of training exercises with its allies and very close friends.This is significant, it definitely marks new levels of co-operation. However I'm not sure the US has considered all the political and diplomatic implications of joint training in this environment. It's very likely that Pakistan will have a strong reaction. The same might be said of China. What's the purpose of this training and who are they training against ?"

I think you just answered your own question Mr. Cirincione. The Arab world is basically surrounded by Israel in the West, Turkey in the North and India in the East, with the US controlling the skies and waters. There's a lot of handwringing over how this Arab Summit might turn anti-American. Aren't the wrong people worried? A war between the Democratic League (Israel, India, Turkey, US) and the Arab League would make the Six Day War look like a quagmire.

And the effective alliance of India, Russia, Japan, South Korea, the US, etc, leaves China surrounded too. It's not looking like a particularly opportune time to be a tyrannical regime.

Posted by Orrin Judd at March 27, 2002 4:01 PM
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