March 23, 2002


Not the People's Choice : How to democratize American democracy (Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., American Prospect)
I expected an explosion of public outrage over the rejection of the people's choice. But there was surprisingly little in the way of outcry. It is hard to image such acquiescence in a popular-vote-loser presidency if the popular-vote winner had been, say, Adlai Stevenson or John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan. Such leaders attracted do-or-die supporters, voters who cared intensely about them and who not only would have questioned the result but would have been ardent in pursuit of fundamental reform. After a disappointing campaign, Vice President Gore simply did not excite the same impassioned commitment.

Interesting that he includes Kennedy, who stole IL and TX, in this analysis. Of course there was fairly little outcry then either. In elections that are as close as 1960 and 2000, what is the will of the people? Posted by Orrin Judd at March 23, 2002 9:25 PM
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