November 1, 2022

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Supreme Court Rejects Graham's Attempt To Evade Georgia Grand Jury (National Memo, November 01 | 2022)

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is overseeing the probe of Trump's attempted coup, has demanded that Graham appear by testify by November 17. Several Trump lawyers, including John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani, and Boris Epshteyn have already been forced to testify. A US District Court judge has also ruled that former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows must testify.

Starting to think they're just in it for the spankings.

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As a jockey, he's won 2,683 horse races. The toll on his body tells the story. (Hanna Krueger, 11/01/22, Boston Globe)

PINE RIDGE RESERVATION, S.D. -- A legendary Lakota horseman lives near Wounded Knee. He has a poorly healed rib poking out against the skin of his torso and a long scar curving from the left corner of his mouth toward his right eye, a reminder of 62 stitches. His left knee is slightly bigger than his right; the ligaments inside are shot. Knotty bumps along his collarbone convey all the times it has broken and healed, and broken and healed.

His name is Fred Ecoffey, and the 85-year-old former jockey was declared winner at horse racing tracks 2,683 times, most often in Nebraska and more often than anyone else in that state's history. The South Dakota native first barreled out of the gates in 1957 on a horse named Baby Sweeper. He kept doing so astride other thoroughbreds 17,521 more times over his 26-year career, despite being laid up for years-long stretches recovering from injuries.

Ecoffey does not volunteer these statistics. They need to be pried out of him, one story, one race, one horse at a time. He embodies the Lakota virtue of humility -- or unsiiciyapi -- and prefers to discuss his horses, his family, his late wife of 53 years, Phyllis, and his love for this beastly, beautiful land that he's never been able to shake.

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Our great debt to the ReformationThe Protestant movement pushed God's Kingdom forward (Mark Tooley, 10/31/22, The World)

By stressing humanity's direct access to God and the Bible, stressing salvation through faith alone, and also uplifting non-ecclesial vocations and marital life, Protestantism ennobled and liberated much of humanity. Modern literacy, modern science, modern markets and capitalism, constitutional democracy and human rights were all advanced by the Reformation, and in a decisive way.

Martin Luther likely had few of these eventual developments in mind when he nailed those 95 theses to the church door. Perhaps he would have been discomfited by some of these consequences, had he known. But by his own admission, he was but a worm who was a tool of God's Providence. No human being can, in any age of history, fully appreciate how God is using him or her to advance divine justice and righteousness.

Luther's insistence on human direct access to God through Christ dethroned the medieval church's grasping after inordinate spiritual and temporal power. His stress on direct reading of the Bible by laity in their own language facilitated mass literacy, in order that the Bible might be read. His translation of the Bible into German, amid endless pamphleteering, helped launch modern publishing. His departure from the celibate priesthood, and his wife's departure from the convent, into a happy marital union, elevated marriage, and family, into godly estates no less than celibacy.

His stress on scholarship and translation from original sources, accompanied by rational discernment apart from direct ecclesial control, contributed to a broadening of scientific analysis and discovery, with free inquiry. His affirmations of professions outside the church dignified labor, trade, and finance, further enabling modern markets. His stress on private conscience and rejection of unquestioned ecclesial authority undermined political and ecclesial authoritarianism. After the Reformation, there was increasing expectation that governance was no longer the exclusive preserve of a favored few but now was a project involving all God's creatures.

After the Reformation, across decades and centuries, entire cultures were increasingly empowered by literacy and knowledge, expectations of political authority and economic prosperity, a sense of progress through scientific and technological discovery, a deliverance from superstition and captivity to a perceived invisible world, a growing awareness of human equality with consequent responsibilities, an appreciation for emerging nation states accountable to populations, and, above all, a confidence in God's direct love for and relationship with all who call upon Him.

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"This is a race where there is clear pro-Israel candidate and an anti-Israel candidate in Summer Lee," said Dorton, the UDP spokesperson. Asked about the optics of its first attack ad, Dorton said UDP is a "single-issue" organization and supported several pro-Israel progressive candidates of color in Democratic primaries.

Lee, a rising Democratic star, has not said much about Israel in her short political career. Virtually all the criticisms of her from pro-Israel figures stem from a single tweet thread where she compared Palestinians and Black Lives Matter protesters, decrying the justifications offered for the indignities suffered by marginalized groups. In an interview following the tweets, Lee said aid to Israel should be conditioned on progress toward a peace deal with the Palestinians. Asked why UDP was attacking Lee, Dorton cited comments in the tweet thread and the interview -- as well as Lee's relationship with the Squad in Congress.

UDP ads that ran during the primary claimed that Lee wasn't really a Democrat and had attacked President Joe Biden. The group also endorsed more than 100 Republicans who voted to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.