September 3, 2022

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Biden speech denouncing Trump, 'MAGA ideology' sparks threats, calls for violence (Jana Winter, September 2, 2022, Yahoo! News)

By Friday afternoon, posts on forums popular among white supremacists and far-right extremists called for the assassination of Biden, and named Jewish administration officials including Attorney General Merrick Garland, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as potential targets. Declarations of civil war were also appearing, according to documents detailing some of the threats.

"On Gab, one user posted a series of violent threats accusing Biden of stealing the election," according to a threat alert from Site Intelligence Group sent to law enforcement agencies and others on Friday. Trump and many of his supporters have long claimed, without evidence, that the 2020 presidential election won by Biden was stolen from Trump due to widespread voter fraud.

Site Intelligence Group, which tracks online extremism activity, issued several threat alerts detailing calls for violence in response to Biden's speech. The potential threats were posted in online forums tied to the Proud Boys, neo-Nazis and other extremist groups.

"Users on several far-right and ultranationalist venues made violent threats against President Joe Biden following his speech addressing political extremism on September 1, 2022," said one of the alerts. "Users advocated for Biden to be murdered and predicted violence if he continues speaking about the topic."

The MAGAs got tricked out from under their rocks by a senile old man.  Even if their racism doesn't embarrass them, that should. 

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Man who attempted to assassinate Argentine vice president has Nazi tattoo (Times of Israel, 9/02/22, Times of Israel)

The suspect was identified as 35-year-old Fernando Andre Sabag Montiel. He attempted to shoot Kirchner point-blank outside her Buenos Aires home, but the loaded handgun he aimed at her face apparently failed to go off.

Montiel posted images of himself on Instagram posing in front of a mirror, showing off his tattoos. On his elbow is a black sun symbol, called schwarze sonne in German, according to the Spanish news outlet El Pais.

The emblem is also known as the sonnenrad, or sun wheel. It was used in Nazi Germany and has been adopted by neo-Nazis.

The symbol has been used by white supremacist and neo-Nazi mass shooters in the past. Payton Gendron, a white supremacist who killed 10 Black people in May in Buffalo, New York, had the black sun emblazoned on his gear. Brenton Tarrant, who killed 51 people at two New Zealand mosques in 2019, had the symbol on his vest.

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After Mar-a-Lago search, Meadows turns over more texts and emails to Archives (Jamie Gangel Kristen Holmes Jeremy Herb Evan Perez, 9/02/22, CNN)

Within a week of the FBI search of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows handed over texts and emails to the National Archives that he had not previously turned over from his time in the administration, sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

Meadows' submission to the Archives was part of a request for all electronic communications covered under the Presidential Records Act. The Archives had become aware earlier this year it did not have everything from Meadows after seeing what he had turned over to the House select committee investigating January 6, 2021. Details of Meadows' submissions to the Archives and the engagement between the two sides have not been previously reported.

"It could be a coincidence, but within a week of the August 8 search on Mar-a-Lago, much more started coming in," one source familiar with the discussions said.