January 7, 2021

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We Must Impeach Donald Trump Again (DAVID FRENCH, JANUARY 6, 2021, TIME)

Donald Trump sowed the seeds for the riot of January 6th from the moment he entered the race in 2015, when he made it plain that he welcomed violence to silence protesters at his rallies, when he broadcast that any election defeat - even then - would not be legitimate. He kept sowing when he refused to promise that he'd support the peaceful transition of power. He sowed the seeds when he famously told the Proud Boys - a far-right street militia - to "stand back and stand by." And he sowed still more when he raged, day by day, that he'd suffered a great injustice on November 3rd.

And now, as the nation's capital reaps what he sowed, he can't stop stoking the flames. In a video message ostensibly designed to quell the violence, he repeated his election lies. And he told members of the insurrection, "I know how you feel." He told the rioters, "We love you."

Yes, Donald Trump loves his violent mob.

The American system is under great strain - greater strain than I've ever seen in my entire adult life. But the system is strong. It contains the means of dealing with a deranged president. Even now, mere days before the still-certain inauguration of Joe Biden, the House can impeach Trump. The Senate can convict Trump. Together they can banish Trump from public office.

In addition, Article I, Section 5, Clause 2 of the Constitution grants each house of Congress the ability to expel a member on a 2/3 vote. The House and Senate should give those members who objected to the counting of the electoral votes - and who stoked the fear and paranoia of the mob - an opportunity to withdraw their baseless objections. If they refuse, they should be expelled.

There is a deep sickness in the United States of America. Trump is not its sole cause, but he and his devoted allies are making that sickness worse. There is a long road to a cure, but it can begin by purging a seditious president from the Oval Office, removing seditious members from Congress, and firmly declaring to a nation that is reeling from the shock of the worst breach of Capitol security since British Regulars burned it to a husk in the War of 1812 that this republic has the will to defend itself from hate, from the mob, and from the man who would rather destroy a nation than lose his throne.

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The Unbearable Whiteness of Storming the Capitol (Jimmie Briggs, 1/07/21, Vanity Fair)

To be clear, when I refer to whiteness, I mean the privileges, expectations, and elevated humanity afforded those in American society whose skin happens to be white; who exist daily in varying degrees of proximity to white people; who actively seek the affirmation of and their raison d'ĂȘtre from white people--and/or those whose aspirations for themselves, their families, and their communities are modeled on some kind of reflection of whiteness.

Today, this theme struck me with massive force. Televised scenes showed thousands of Donald Trump-supporting rioters and criminals, largely white and typically mask-less, descending on the nation's largely Black capital. They held alternate-reality rallies. They heard speeches intended to recklessly inflame emotions and not-so-subtly encourage violent confrontation. For weeks, reports on various media platforms, across the political spectrum, have discussed January 6, 2021, as a day when groups ranging from the Justice Department-targeted Proud Boys to Women for America First were expected to parachute into Washington, D.C., to try and defy Congress's certification of Joe Biden's election as the 46th president of this country. 

Nevertheless, despite the mobsters' extraordinary disregard for the rule of law, for agents of law enforcement, and for social norms regarding government, government property, and government processes, a near-mythical graciousness was shown to the insurrectionists. They were allowed in after the fences were breached. And they were free to wantonly roam the United States House and Senate hallways, entering offices, intimidating elected officials and their staffers, and taking a selfie on a cell phone, at times with willing Capitol Police. 

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White House officials resign, others consider quitting after assault on Capitol (Times of Israel, 1/07/21)

In a sign of growing frustration in the hours following a riot at the US Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump on Wednesday, a number of White House aides were discussing a potential mass resignation, according to people familiar with the conversation.

However, some harbored concerns about what Trump might do in his final two weeks in office if they were not there to serve as guardrails when so few remain.

Stephanie Grisham, the first lady's chief of staff and a former White House press secretary, submitted her resignation Wednesday, but declined to say what prompted her move.

Deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger, White House social secretary Rickie Niceta and deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews also resigned, according to officials.

Too little, too late.
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Antisemitic conspiracies flew before extremists breached U.S. Capitol (Arno Rosenfeld, January 6, 2021, The Forward)

"We are standing up against the evil globalists such as George Soros, who thinks he owns our politicians, who thinks he owns Chief Justice John Roberts on the Supreme Court," former Breitbart reporter Jennifer Lawrence told a crowd at a "Stop the Steal" rally Tuesday.

Shortly before the violent breach, Rep. Mary Miller, R-IL, praised Nazi leader Adolph Hitler in a speech outside the Capitol.

"Hitler was right on one thing: he said whoever has the youth, has the future," Miller told a crowd waving Trump flags.

And those who made it inside the Capitol building included notorious white supremacists and others donning overtly antisemitic imagery. One man in the crowd wore a "Camp Auschwitz" sweatshirt while others waved the Confederate flag and a banner modeled after a Nazi flag.

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Right-wing media offers sympathy and excuses for Congress mob (THOMAS URBAIN , 1/08/21, AFP)

The demonstrators "pushed and shoved but for the most part, that was about it," said Kevin Corke, a Fox News reporter.

"Most of what we saw was beautiful today," said Ben Bergquam, a reporter for the small online channel Real America's Voice, on Wednesday.

Outlets including Real America's Voice, Newsmax and the One America News Network (OAN) -- which Trump has recommended several times in recent weeks -- claimed without any evidence that the crowd had been infiltrated by small ultra-left groups.

"I think they were undercover Antifa," Gina Loudon, presenter for Real America's Voice, said of the rioters she encountered Wednesday in the corridors of the Capitol. [...]

Many right-wing US media commentators denounced the reaction of the 
Pat Fallon, a Republican in the House of Representatives, told Newsmax "we don't even know who was on the other side of those doors" among the rioters.

While denouncing the violence committed in the precincts of Congress, Greg Kelly, of Newsmax, said it nonetheless followed a certain logic.

"If you steal an election," he explained, echoing Trump's discredited accusations, "there are going to be a lot of angry people."

"There's a reason this is happening," said Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. "It is happening because the people with all the power have decided to clamp down so harshly on the population that things explode at a certain point."

For Eric Greitens of Real America's Voice, the forced interruption to debates in Congress Wednesday "gives the president a few more days to demonstrate that there has been fraud."