September 6, 2020

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Biden's lead over Trump is the steadiest on record (Harry Enten, 9/06/20, CNN)

New CBS News/YouGov polls reveal that former Vice President Joe Biden maintains his grip on the 2020 race for president.

Biden's up 52% to 42% over President Donald Trump among likely voters nationally, and he has a 50% to 44% edge over Trump in the key battleground state of Wisconsin as well.

Biden's 10 point and 6 point advantages are the exact same they were when CBS News/YouGov polled the contests before the party conventions.

The polls are reflective of a race that barely budges even after two conventions, protests and unrest in some cities over police brutality and as the nation navigates the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the stability of this race is record breaking when looking at polling dating back to 1940.

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Report: Louis DeJoy Used Bonuses to Reimburse Employees for Donations to GOP Campaigns (Madison Pauley, 9/06/20, MoJo)

A bombshell investigation in the Washington Post is shedding new light Trump appointee Louis DeJoy's rise to prominence as a Republican fundraiser prior to his May 2020 appointment as US Postmaster General. According to the report, DeJoy pressured employees of his former business, New Breed Logistics, to donate to GOP candidates; he then would reimburse contributions using bonuses.

At least seven New Breed employees spoke to the Post, five of whom said they were pressured by DeJoy or his aides to give to Republicans and attend fundraisers. Two others reportedly said that at DeJoy's direction, bonus payments were "boosted" to offset the cost of the donations.

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Micheal Cohen claims Donald Trump is 'guilty of the same crimes' that landed him in prison (LAUREN FRUEN FOR DAILYMAIL.COM and ASSOCIATED PRESS, 6 September 2020. Daily Mail)

Michael Cohen has said Donald Trump is 'guilty of the same crimes' that landed him in a federal prison, after the former fixer pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and lying to Congress. 

In his upcoming tell-all memoir the president's former personal lawyer has offered a blow-by-blow account of Trump's alleged role in a hush money conspiracy involving porn star Stormy Daniels.  

Cohen, who pleaded guilty to tax evasion, lying to Congress and campaign finance violations, calls himself the 'star witness' of the scandal that still could culminate in charges for Trump after he leaves office. 

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On Third Anniversary of Trump Calling to End Dreamer Program Kamala Says 'We Still Have Your Back' (DAVID BRENNAN, 9/6/20, Newsweek)

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the DACA program in June, rejecting Trump's bid to end it. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the 5-4 majority opinion, describing Trump's effort to end DACA as "arbitrary and capricious."

Harris tweeted Saturday: "Three years ago today, the administration arbitrarily tried to end DACA and threw hundreds of thousands of Dreamers' lives into crisis. I want every Dreamer to know that we still have your back. Your home is here, and we must continue fighting to ensure that."

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Is Donald Trump really anti-abortion? (Freddy Gray, September 6, 2020, Spectator USA)

According to some rather sensational leaked official notes in today's Daily Telegraph, however, Trump has said he regards abortion as 'such a tough issue'.

Addressing the then British prime minister Theresa May, who is well known as childless, Trump said in January 2017: 'Imagine some animal with tattoos raping your daughter, and then she gets pregnant.'

Aside from the staggering crassness of his remark to a woman who is on the record about her inability to have children, it also suggests that Trump is not as pro-life as many in his party would have voters believe. According to the notes, Trump also pointed to Mike Pence, the vice president and devout Christian, and said, 'He's a really tough one on abortion.' 

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All Men Are Created Equal: The deeper origins of that equality are where its meaning lies. (SHMUEL KLATZKIN, September 6, 2020, American Prospect)

[T]he contention is that there is a source which endows us with our rights. Thus, though these rights are foundational to our political state and in theory to all political states, it is because of a fundamental equality that stems directly from the Endower of our rights.

That source would be known to all who were biblically literate, as were most Americans of those days who had any literacy at all. The text is where the Bible itself deals with origins, the Book of Genesis, and within that book, the very first chapter: "And G-d created Man in His image."

What is that divine image in which the human being was created, according to Genesis?

Perhaps the most important assertion the Five Books of Moses make about God is unity -- God is one. Here, too, the text tells us of the creation of a single human being as the ancestor of us all.

English and Dutch republican thinkers at the dawn of Western democracy were deeply familiar with the rabbinic tradition on the foundations of law as the rabbis applied biblical principles to actual practical governance of a nation. One of the rabbinic texts most often cited by them is Tractate Sanhedrin from the Talmud. There we find the following texts:

The human being was created as single and unique so as to prevent clans from feuding with each other. That we find feuding clans anyway should lead us to imagine how much the worse it would be had two or more humans been created at the outset...

For this reason was man created as single and unique -- for the sake of peace between humankind, so that one person should not say to his fellow: My father was greater than yours.

No matter what the distinctions may be as humanity develops and differentiates into many individuals each with their unique lives, we are all equal with respect to our ultimate origin. It is in contemplation of that source that we find equality.

The genius of the Sanhedrin texts is that they portray this absolute equality of mankind not as something that requires a totalitarian fear of human individuality, but rather, that which allows us to be free and unique individuals while still belonging to a whole and peaceful nation and world. In the language of the text there again:

Therefore, the human being was created singular and unique ... for thus it demonstrates the greatness of the blessed Holy One. For whereas when man stamps many coins from one die, each one is an exact replica of the other, the Supreme King of Kings, the blessed Holy One stamped every person with the die of Adam yet no two are exactly the same.

"Equality" is tossed about a great deal, but if one is really seeking to impose uniformity and equal misery, in obedience not to citizen sovereigns but some canonized doctrine, then one has missed the deepest and best meaning of equality. The Founders, though, got that deeper meaning. We all come from one source. We are equally granted the rights to life, to liberty, and to property and are equally sovereigns of our land. The genius of understanding equality within difference is that it empowers each person to bring the full power of his or her unique and freely realized gifts to bear in peace, coordination, and harmony.

If God did not Create all Men in His Image, then none of the rest of it matters.

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Oil Prices Face a Chill Autumn Wind (Julian Lee, September 6, 2020, Bloomberg)

As the summer driving season fades in the rearview mirror, oil markets are taking on a distinctly chilly air.

The recovery in demand has officially stalled, just as the OPEC+ countries are starting to taper their record output cuts. With spare capacity rife throughout the supply chain and huge stockpiles of crude and refined products, it may be some while yet before oil prices resume their upward path.

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NO WONDER HE'S AT 3% WITH BLACK VOTERS (profanity alert):

Cohen's explosive new claims on Trump (Axios, 9/06/20)

The allegations: Per AP, in the book that's due out Tuesday, Cohen doubles down on claims denied by Trump that he paid adult film actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 before the last election. He alleges that the president said he'd "have to pay" first lady Melania Trump a "far greater sum" if the alleged affair became public, claiming that Trump reimbursed him for "fake legal fees" later.

"If it comes out, I'm not sure how it would play with my supporters. But I bet they'd think it's cool that I slept with a porn star," Trump allegedly said, according to Cohen.

In an excerpt seen by the Washington Post, Cohen alleges the president said: "I will never get the Hispanic vote. Like the Blacks, they're too stupid to vote for Trump."

On Russia, Cohen claims that Trump "loved" President Putin because he could "take over an entire nation and run it like it was his personal company -- like the Trump Organization."

In another excerpt, seen by CNN, Cohen writes that Trump allegedly hired a "Faux-Bama" to impersonate former President Obama in a video and "ritualistically belittled the first Black president and then fired him."

Cohen also writes that Trump allegedly said that the late South African leader Nelson Mandela "f---ed the whole country up" and "now it's a s--thole. F--- Mandela," according to WashPost.

"He was no leader," Cohen alleges Trump said. "Tell me one country run by a Black person that isn't a s--thole. They are all complete f--king toilets."

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"I would rather follow than lead": Trump reportedly deferred to the UK on standing up to Putin (BOB BRIGHAM, SEPTEMBER 6, 2020, Raw Story)

Meeting notes leaked to the British newspaper The Telegraph paint a fascinating picture of the relationship between the UK and America during the Trump era -- and also shed new light on Trump's relationship with Vladimir Putin.

The leaked documents are contemporaneous notes taken by U.S. officials "during seven meetings and calls involving either the leader or top foreign minister of Britain or America."

"Trump pushed back hard on Theresa May's pleas to expel Russian diplomats after the Skripal poisoning," the newspaper reported.

"I would rather follow than lead," the leader of the free world reported said.

No wonder Nancy Pelosi owns him.