October 10, 2017

Posted by Glenn Dryfoos at 4:30 PM


Today would have been Thelonious Monk's 100th birthday.  

ATJ#9 reviewed his first album as a leader, and The New Yorker website has pianist Ethan Iverson's very good overview of Monk's playing and influence.

Posted by orrinj at 2:54 PM


Steve Bannon Privately Slammed Pence VP Pick (Joseph Bernstein, 10/10/17, BuzzFeed News)

On July 15, 2016, the day the Trump campaign announced that it had selected Pence, Breitbart's former technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos wrote to Bannon and Breitbart editor Alex Marlow.

"Seems like a bad pick. Should I tweet something ambivalent about him? People are telling me Trump likely didn't want this. ...What's our party line on this?"

"This is the price we pay for cruzbots and #nevertrump movement," Bannon responded. "An unfortunate necessity...very. feel free to do whatever u want. we, as always, will remain above it all."