September 3, 2017

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Trump preparing withdrawal from South Korea trade deal, a move opposed by top aides (Damian Paletta September 2, 2017, The Washington Post)

President Trump has instructed advisers to prepare to withdraw the United States from a free-trade agreement with South Korea, several people close to the process said, a move that would stoke economic tensions with the U.S. ally as both countries confront a crisis over North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

Withdrawing from the trade deal would back up Trump's promises to crack down on what he considers unfair trade competition from other countries, but his top national security and economic advisers are pushing him to abandon the plan, arguing it would hamper U.S. economic growth and strain ties with an important ally. Officials including national security adviser H.R. McMaster, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and National Economic Council director Gary Cohn oppose withdrawal, said people familiar with the process who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal White House deliberations.

As he caters to the only people who support him, his policies will become ever more racist.
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Utah Nurse's Arrest Raises Evidence Collection Issues (Amy Forliti, 9/03/17, Associated Press)

Police body-camera video released Thursday shows Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne handcuffing nurse Alex Wubbels on July 26 after she refused to allow blood to be drawn from an unconscious patient after a car crash.

In the video, Wubbels, who works in the burn unit at Utah University Hospital, explains she's protecting the patient's rights and she can't take the man's blood unless he is under arrest, police have a warrant or the patient consents.

None of that applied, and the patient was not a suspect. Payne's written report says he wanted the sample to show the victim did nothing wrong.

The dispute ended with Payne telling Wubbels: "We're done, you're under arrest." He pulled Wubbels outside while she screams: "I've done nothing wrong!"

Wubbels is being praised for her actions to protect the patient, while Payne and another officer are on paid leave. Criminal and internal affairs investigations are underway.

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MIT Achieves Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion (Jay Bennett Aug 28, 2017 , Popular Mechanics)

Researchers operating fusion reactor experiments at MIT, along with partnered scientists in Brussels and the U.K., have developed a new type of nuclear fusion fuel that produces ten times as much energy from energized ions as previously achieved. The experiments with the new fusion fuel, which contains three types of ions--particles with an electric charge due to the loss or gain of an electron--were conducted in MIT's Alcator C-Mod tokamak, a magnetic confinement reactor that holds the records for highest magnetic field strength and highest plasma pressure in a fusion experiment. [...]

Nuclear fusion has the potential to revolutionize energy production, with virtually endless power available from common elements like hydrogen and helium and no dangerous waste products produced as a result. Experiments like the Alcator C-Mod and JET inch us closer and closer to cracking the code, using the right fuel, and producing the conditions to spark a full-scale, energy-positive fusion reaction.

As the paper in Nature notes, the findings from these experiments could also help astronomers better understand helium-3 abundant solar flares that erupt from the sun, because that is literally what these fusion researchers are trying to do--ignite nuclear fusion in plasma that is hundreds of millions of degrees, similar to what stars are made of, trap it, and then power the world with the resulting energy.

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Fierce clashes between IS, Syrian regime kill 150 (Middle East Online, 9/03/17)

Fierce clashes between the Islamic State group and pro-regime forces in central Syria have left over 150 fighters dead in 24 hours, mostly jihadists, a monitor said Sunday.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 120 IS fighters "were killed in clashes in and around the town of Uqayribat in the eastern Hama countryside... along with at least 35 regime troops and loyalist militiamen."

The town is the jihadist group's last bastion in the central province apart from a handful of small villages.

Pro-government forces seized Uqayribat on Friday night, but IS responded with a counter-offensive on Saturday that left it in control of most of the town, Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said.

An intense barrage of artillery fire and Syrian and Russian air strikes on jihadist positions allowed pro-regime forces on Sunday morning to push the jihadists back out of the town and advance on villages to the west that remain under IS control.