November 16, 2016


GOP Foreign-Policy Power Brokers in Congress Could Foil Trump : On Russia, Syria, and other top security issues, Trump may find his campaign priorities hamstrung by Republican leaders in Congress. (MOLLY O'TOOLE, NOVEMBER 16, 2016, Foreign Policy)

Some of the most powerful foreign-policy makers in the U.S. government are outside of President-elect Donald Trump's control and are already signaling an early end to the honeymoon period over their fellow Republican's security and diplomatic stances.

No matter whom Trump picks for his cabinet -- and who might actually accept top posts implementing his "America First" foreign policy -- he'll have to contend with GOP congressional committee chairmen at the top of defense, intelligence, and diplomatic panels in both the House and Senate, many of whom are wary, at best, of his approach to issues ranging from Russia to the Syrian civil war to immigration.

Most of the sitting chairs on these panels will remain where they are next year -- and just emerged from an election season of defending, dancing around, or distancing themselves from the controversial GOP presidential candidate.

One of the problems with running behind the rest of your party : you need them; they don't need you.

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