December 24, 2012

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J.J. Watt's Christmas Spirit : The star player's relationship with three local orphaned Jewish children (Adam Chandler, December 24, 2012, The Tablet)

Prior to his first season in Houston last year, Watt paid a visit to a Houston hospital to visit Aaron and Peter Berry, two of the three Berry children who were orphaned after their parents died in a car accident that summer. Both boys were also paralyzed in the accident. Over the past year and a half, Watt has become a fixture in the lives of the Berry children, texting with them daily, sneaking them out of school for a Texans practice, squiring them away to a Justin Bieber concert, and even saluting them on national television after making a sack.

ESPN put together a great video feature about Watt and the Berry children, who have not only become a major focus of the Jewish communities across Texas, but who have also captivated one of Texas' biggest and newest stars.
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Consumers Climb Out of Debt (BEN CASSELMAN, 12/24/12, WSJ)

U.S. households spent 10.6% of their after-tax income on debt payments in the third quarter of the year, the lowest level since 1983, according to recently released Federal Reserve data. Add in other required payments that aren't classified as debt--such as rent and auto leases--and the figure rises to 15.7%, also near a 30-year low.