December 10, 2008


Blowing up: No longer the wimpy kid brother to sports-Radio powerhouse WEEI-AM, now has its own seat at Boston sports media’s grown-ups’ table (ADAM REILLY, December 10, 2008, Boston Phoenix)

Earlier this month, Entercom,’s parent company, announced that Curt Schilling — the bloody-sock-wearing, Republican-endorsing, Kobe Bryant–bashing Red Sox–pitcher-turned-free-agent — would be moving his independent blog, 38 Pitches, to And this is just the latest in a string of smart moves. Back in July, the site landed Rob Bradford, the Herald’s highly respected Red Sox reporter, as its new editor, and announced that Michael Felger — who’d been writing the Patriots report card for the Herald, and doing his own radio show for ESPN 890 AM — was joining’s stable. In August, added Will Leitch, the founder of the wildly popular sports Web site and a freshly minted contributing editor at New York magazine; he’s writing a column on Boston sports from an outsider’s perspective.

Other noteworthy hires include Red Sox reporter Alex Speier (a former Harvard debate-team captain who’s written for the New Hampshire Union Leader and Baseball America) and Celtics writers Paul Flannery (Boston magazine’s online editor) and Jessica Camerato (formerly of HoopsWorld) — and that’s only a partial list.

Simply put, at this time last year, was the media equivalent of an appendix — an unnecessary appendage to perennial ratings-powerhouse WEEI-AM that existed simply because every outlet needs at least a token new-media presence. Now it’s an autonomous, attitude-heavy outfit that aspires, in Bradford’s words, to become the of New England — and could pull it off.

ESPN is doing something brilliant this weekend, replaying the Greatest Game Ever. There have to be hundreds of thousands of hours of tape of radio calls of the Bruins, Celtics, Sox, Pats, Eagles, etc. that no has ever touched after they were recorded. Put everything on-line in downloadable form and you're a worthwhile web destination.

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Posted by Orrin Judd at December 10, 2008 7:31 PM
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