September 3, 2008


It’s a Family Affair for the McCain-Palin Ticket (Elizabeth Holmes, 9/03/08, WSJ: Washington Wire)

The receiving line stretched well beyond the stairs from the plane, with the Republican candidate greeting each member warmly. He began with his seven children, all of whom share very different backgrounds but one thing in common: the last name McCain. His three children with his first wife, Carol, were there–Doug and Andy, whom the senator adopted as young children, and his biological daughter Sidney. There were also his four children from his current marriage: Meghan (23 years old), Jack (22) and Jim (20); and Bridget (17), who was adopted.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate, bridged the gap between the two families. She stood with her husband, Todd, and their children. First came Bristol Palin (17), who is pregnant and was joined by her fiancé and father of her child, Levi Johnston. Then came Willow Palin (14), holding the governor’s infant son, Trig, along with Piper ( 7) and Track (19), who enlisted in the U.S. Army last year.

McCain welcomed each person individually, kissing little Trig and shaking hands with his sons. When the Arizona senator reached little Piper, he turned her around to face the several dozen cameras and lifted her arm to wave.

He devoted the most attention to Bristol. It was the first time McCain has seen her publicly since news of her pregnancy broke. Levi flew in from Alaska to stand by Bristol’s side.

Bristol, wearing a jacket that covered her baby bump and sporting a sparkling ring on her left hand, got a long hug and some words of support from McCain. The candidate did the same for Levi and, before moving down the line, McCain reached his arms out to rub each of the young couples’ shoulders simultaneously.

And you wonder why they scare the Brights?

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