May 5, 2008


Why Conservatives Say They Are Happier Than Liberals: Q&A with Arthur Brooks, whose new book says the liberal agenda takes a personal toll (Bret Schulte, May 5, 2008, US News)

Why are liberals so bummed out?

Liberals are more likely to feel like victims and feel that collective action is the best way to make things happen. That may be right, but it's a frustrating way to live. The Democratic Party is a coalition of oppressed groups. [...]

Conservatives aren't known as a jolly bunch. What makes them feel so happy?

Half of the difference between conservatives and liberals is demographic. It has to do with religion and marriage, which is more frequent among conservatives. The real question is why is the other half unexplained? Conservatives have a different orientation. Conservatives think there is a lot of opportunity in America. A lot of liberals feel this way, too, but conservatives overwhelmingly believe if you go around and work hard and persevere, you're going to get ahead, as opposed to you are a victim of circumstance or oppression and you are screwed in life.

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 5, 2008 7:46 PM
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