August 1, 2005


Oriole Palmeiro suspended for steroids: First baseman recently amassed 3,000 career hits; Owner Angelos 'saddened' by news (Roch Kubatko, August 1, 2005, Baltimore Sun)

The Orioles confirmed Monday that first baseman Rafael Palmeiro has been suspended by Major League Baseball for violating the steroid policy. The suspension will last 10 days.

Palmeiro recently became the fourth player to amass 3,000 hits and 500 home runs. He wasn't at Camden Yards Monday but he issued a statement before a scheduled conference call with reporters.

"Thank you very much for joining me on this call today. I am saddened that we are here to address this issue, but because of the importance of it, I feel the need to make a brief statement and address your questions. At the outset, let me say that under the rules of the basic agreement and the order of the independent arbitrator, there is an order of confidentiality governing the specifics of this case. I will attempt to state as much as I can and be as forthright as possible, but there will be issues I can't address based on orders imposed on me by the basic agreement and the arbitration process.

"I am here to make it very clear that I have never intentionally used steroids. Never. Ever. Period.

"When I found out that I failed a test under the new drug policy, I filed a grievance and challenged the suspension on the basis that I have never intentionally taken a banned substance. Ultimately, although I never intentionally put a banned substance into my body - the independent arbitrator ruled that I had to be suspended under the terms of the program.

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 1, 2005 1:13 PM

Well, that pretty much locks in iron-clad credibility for Jose Canseco and every future allegation he'll ever make. That sound you just heard was his phone ringing off the hook for interviews, book deals, etc...

Posted by: b at August 1, 2005 1:29 PM

I am here to make it very clear that I have never intentionally used steroids. Never. Ever. Period.

Of course, of course.
NObody thinks any differently.

"When I found out that I failed a test under the new drug policy, I immediately called my "supplement" dealer, to chew him out for not getting some designer stuff that they don't have a test for yet."

Posted by: Michael Herdegen at August 1, 2005 1:40 PM

Probably wasn't a good idea for him to point his finger in the faces of Congressmen.

Posted by: andy at August 1, 2005 1:46 PM

10 days huh - so he'll miss what, 6 games - glad to see the MLB is handing down really stiff penalties - they must be really serious now, huh?

Posted by: Shelton at August 1, 2005 2:20 PM

If the penalty was that light, I wouldn't be surprised if the steroid was found in a trace amount in some OTC medication Palmeiro was taking for a cold or something. It is hard to believe, looking at him physically over the years, that he was a steroid abuser like Canseco, Sosa, McGwire, Bonds, Giambi et al.

Posted by: bart at August 1, 2005 2:38 PM

Cooperstown, I hardly knew ye.

Posted by: ratbert at August 1, 2005 3:22 PM

10 days is the standard penalty for major leaguers for a first offense. Those in the minors are suspended 45 to 60 days I believe.

By the way, that confidential stuff is just BS. It binds major league baseball from disclosing what the substance was. It does not in any way bar a player from voluntarily releasing the info.

Posted by: Bob at August 1, 2005 3:25 PM

I suppose Raffi can claim it was those new Viagra-plus pills he was taking that were the culprits...

Posted by: John at August 1, 2005 4:19 PM

At least soccer players don't use steroids.

Posted by: Bret at August 1, 2005 5:01 PM

Of course they do.

Posted by: oj at August 1, 2005 5:11 PM

No they use speed.

Posted by: Jim in Chicago at August 1, 2005 6:32 PM

Say it ain't so, Raffi?

Posted by: Robert Schwartz at August 1, 2005 7:26 PM