July 7, 2005


MAS Condemns Heinous Terror Acts in London (Muslim American Society, July 07, 2005)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Muslim American Society (MAS) utterly condemns the heinous acts of terror that rocked the London transit system and killed and injured scores of innocent people. Our most heartfelt condolences and sympathies are extended to the bombing victims and their families.

We reiterate our consistent and principled position towards acts of terror, regarding them as cowardly acts of violence irrespective of the identity of the perpetrators or their motives. Islam holds the sanctity of human life in the highest possible regard, and the shedding of blood of any innocent person is considered a repulsive crime.

MAS believes that relationships between people and nations should be governed by universal brotherhood, compassion, tolerance, fairness and mutual interests.

MAS therefore joins hands with all people of faith and conscience to work for a more just and peaceful world and to condemn, oppose, and overcome those who would spread fear, hatred, and death.

We call upon our fellow Muslims in Great Britain to provide any and all assistance and support to the much-needed emergency and aid services required for the people of London in their time of hardship.

Iraq PM condemns London bombings (BBC, 7/08/05)
Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari has condemned the London bombings as "a shameful terrorist act".

He expressed his condolences to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair saying the attacks had nothing to do with "religions or human morals".

He spoke of the need for all nations to work together to "rid the evil of terrorism in any country".

-Why don't Muslim officials protest against terrorism? (yr hmbl srvnt, 7/07/05, Dallas News)
As I write this on Thursday, the news is filled with the horribly familiar sights and sounds of another terror bombing. And as is generally true in these cases, Islamic extremists are the prime suspects.

Which gives me the chance to do something I’ve thought about for a while, now.

Just about every time I write about Islam, I get an e-mail or three from people who want to know why “the media” gives “those Muslims” a free pass. If Islam is really such a religion of peace, as President Bush has said, why don’t the so-called moderate Muslims condemn the terrorist bombings?

Which is a fair question. Or would be, except for the answer that I already know: Muslim organizations routinely issue denunciations every time there’s a major terror attack. News releases clutter e-mail boxes of reporters as predictably as sunrise. And just as predictably, the condemnations are never considered big news.

That’s not the fault of the Muslim groups. They issue their statements. Should they take out ads? Send up fireworks? Include jugglers and fan dancers at their news conferences?

But it’s not really the fault of the media that these releases usually end up as one line in a long story, if that. After all, how newsworthy are these now-routine news releases? (It would be much bigger news if they came out in favor of the bombings…)

And yet, for a segment of the population, these releases might actually be newsworthy — proof that there are Muslims who oppose bombings.

Critics may still ask, with some justification, who these groups actually represent. They may challenge the sincerity or effectiveness of the condemnations. But they’d at least know the condemnations exist.

So feel free to forward this dispatch to whomever you think might find it remarkable. I’ll list the releases that have appeared in my e-mail today:...

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