September 19, 2003


MESSAGE FROM JWR'S PUBLISHER (JWR TODAY, Weekend of Sept. 19-21, 2003)

Hi, folks:

I've always asserted that in order to develop a belief system, one has to understand an issue or subject from all sides. The truly intellectual person is not afraid to challenge his presumptions and
confront his ideological opposite. The result is often a clearer understanding - and reinforcing - of one's own position. It's why JWR publishes writers we don't always agree with.

The New Republic is a nearly century-old magazine that takes aim at all sides of the political aisle. Whether you agree with its articles - and I often don't - it is a read that is intellectually stimulating. I've arranged for JWR readers to receive a free two-month subscription to their "digital edition." With no strings attached. Basically, it is the entire magazine, exactly as it appears in print plus access to their "subscriber-only" content. (They ordinarily offer a 4-week trial.)

If you are interested, just go to Please feel free to spread the word.

Happy Weekend,
Binyamin L. Jolkovsky

The magazine has tumbled a long way since its heyday in the 80's, when conservatives too read it with pleasure, but you can't beat free and the book reviews remain helpful.

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 19, 2003 9:46 AM
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